Optimizing and securing your assets
Implementing revolutionary data-driven solutions that optimize operational efficiency.
Security & Risk Management
Cleaning & Grounds Keeping
Maintenance & Technical Solutions
Handling Equipment Leasing Solutions
Focus on your core business, we will take care of the rest!
We maintain and drive the comfort, the performance and — ultimately — the worth of your facility.

For the past 20 years we ensure productivity and efficiency, by optimizing and securing your assets! From hygiene and security to engineering and digital solutions, we help thousands of businesses maintain and improve their assets every day. By providing a full range of Facility Management services, we are one of the only players to guarantee a single point of contact service: optimized sourcing, a digitalized workflow, implementation of new-generation technology, and tracking of every minute detail!

Our Services
Security & Risk Management

Integrated access control solutions and new-generation technology  to protect and manage your assets: security-bots, remote perimeter monitoring, integrated perimeter & indoor solutions, smart parking management, tracking of assets etc.

Cleaning & Grounds services

Digital cleaning solutions for janitorial services from scheduling to quality control: fully integrated to your centralised dashboard

Maintenance & Technical Solutions

Including on-Site and off-site utility maintenance are now available through digital systems implementation - DigiOps, aerial monitoring, remote inspections. As well as predictive maintenance, engineering consulting, commissioning, safety audits, and OEM

Handling Equipment Leasing solutions

Digital fleet management tools - fully integrated to improve your fleet control.  Other services include Forklift rental, driver outsourcing & training, fleet maintenance

Digital Solutions

Centralized dashboards and report center, Tracking and Monitoring tools, Digital meeting room, Customer portal (CMMS FM System), security systems, workflow manage


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